[BCH] Answers T-7



Question 1

1) False. (line 5-6) “manufacturers are shaving costs by giving us slightly less chocolate, or fish or ice cream, in what looks like the usual packet.”

2) False. (line 9-10) “the Toblerone is being redesigned for the UK market

3) True. (line 15-17) “Tropicana reduced the size of its Orange and Raspberry juice by 15%, packets of McVitie’s Digestive dark chocolate biscuits lost around 10% in weight, and Princes is putting less mackerel in each of its tins.”

4) True. (line 19) “”I think it’s going to happen even more,” says Ratula Chakraborty.”

5) True. (line 22-24) “She thinks we should keep an eye on products across the board in coming months.”I would say we should be watching out everywhere, food products, fresh produce, household products, grocery products.””

Question 2

1) Slimmed down / to Slim down

2) Sneaky

3) Tempted / to tempt

4) Watching out / to watch out

5) Raw

Question 3

1.  a) when the portion gets smaller and the price stays the same

2.  c) weighs less and has fewer peaks

3.  b) the price of cocoa is higher and higher

4.  b) more likely to happen


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