[BCH] Answers T-6


They played for their lives

a) False: (line 4) “who in SOME CASES have not met since the end of the war”
b) True: (line 14) “one that often save their lives”

a) (lines 10-11) For instance, they could get better jobs, more food and clothing.
b) (second and last paragraph) The second part of the documentary speaks about the hope, comfort and even salvation that music can provide in any situation, as well as the power of human survival to continue living and the power of music to exist beyond any act of evil.

a) unbearable
b) overcome
c) ghettos
d) recounting

a) If you had seen the film, you would know about these Jewish people’s life now.
b) Patrick Doyle is considered a great film composer [by many people].
c) It took her a lifetime to recover from the horrors of the holocaust.
d) Although they hurried to get the tickets, they were all sold out when they arrived.

5. Composition:
Very easy; just your opinion or, better, “pro and against”; for instance:
Music can inspire joy, happiness… but it can also make you feel depressed if it brings bad memories to your mind…


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