[ESO] [BCH] IQ test


Take the test we published here. There is not a limited time, so you can have your dictionary near to check any unknown word.

⇒At the end, you’ll get your result and you may copy the code and post it down here with a commentary on your opinion about this test. Deadline: Monday, the 7th of August.


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17 respuestas a [ESO] [BCH] IQ test

  1. mario gotor dijo:

    hi, antton my IQ is 114.I think that the series are difficult but my punctuation is normal

  2. Ups, it has been a disaster!!!
    Among which is in English and my mind in summer not very active…….
    I am sorry, i thought that was going to turn out better but…
    I hope that the exam out better 😦

  3. alexconchero dijo:

    Hay alguna pregunta complicada pero yo creo que la mayoría son asequibles.
    Por cierto cuando busco el código este me pone que tengo 74 pero de primeras me ha salido 132…

  4. Mari luisa segura monge dijo:

    Free IQ Test

    I like the test, I think it was funny and not very difficult.

  5. Jesús Lorente dijo:

    I have an IQ of 131. I think this test is good for developing your mind.

  6. Lorena Liarte dijo:

    I couldn’t copy the picture, so I sent you it by gmail

  7. Lorena Liarte dijo:

    In my opinión, is a good exercise for training the brain.

  8. Iván Hernández dijo:

    I couldn’t copy the url, I have sent you url picture by gmail

    Comentary: I think that is good exercise for memory and very funny

  9. Alejandro dijo:

    Hello Antton!
    My score was 111, there were things I had never seen. There were series that I had done before.

    • QK dijo:

      But… you show up at this time of the summer!?!
      Well… better late than never. But you will hardly be able to get half a point provided that you do all the tasks, don’t get it wrong.


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