Personality test

curious     unconventional     introspective

downtoearth     professional     peaceful

culture     romantic     est

Just choose the pattern which appeals most to you and this test will tell you what you are like. 20 seconds.Or 10 minutes for the indecisive. It’s the same.

⇒Do you agree with the result? Why o why not?

[Source: Pagine Blu]


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9 respuestas a Personality test

  1. Camila dijo:

    If Yes, I agree with the result obtained in my personality test, because I consider myself a person open to the world and who likes to discover new things without stopping still at any moment. I have always thought that it is best to enjoy everything that happens to you, whether it is good or bad, because I believe that things happen for something.

  2. Sr. Vicius dijo:

    Hi QK!!
    I have chosen the first pattern and, according to this test, says I´m a spontaneous boy who enjoys the life to the fullest. I am not in complete agreement because in my opinion I´m not so spontaneous. The test also says that I am very curious and I never give up and it´s completely true.
    Which of them have you chosen??

    The sixth one: “Peaceful and non aggressive” They hit the bullseye! 😀

  3. nelbamillan dijo:

    I agree with that idea completely. It has guessed my personality quite well. Although my personality can’t be guessed by a single test, I am identified with the result.
    Anyway, as you are a psychologist, you could guess our personalities much better. We’ll do it next Monday.😝😝😝

    We can try… 😀 😀 😀
    But what about the exam revision?

  4. Lucia dijo:

    Yes, because I think I am like to ressulted of the text. 😊

  5. mariianvls dijo:

    Hello Antton!
    I do agree with the test because I’d rather be alone than have to suffer through with false relations, but my relationships with my friends are very strong, which gives me the inner peace and harmony. I don´t mind being alone for extended periods of time, because in this way you grow up as a person and have time to reflect. And I also detest the superficial people.
    Greetings, Antton!

  6. laura24 dijo:

    If I agree with the result because and I am like this.

  7. Ouissal dijo:

    Yes, I agree with the result because it describes my personality.
    According to this test, I demand a free and unattached life for myself that allows me to determine my own course.
    I think this test is very good.


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