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Have you wondered what your IQ score is? This online IQ test will give you a fast and somehow accurate IQ score (it’s very easy). Take this quick, free IQ test and find out just how smart you are; just click the image. (There is not a limited time, so you can have your dictionary near to check any unknown word. At the end, you’ll get your result and you may copy the code and post it here).


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20 respuestas a IQ test

  1. Alejandro Vicioso dijo:

    Hi, Antton!! It seems that, after some days of doing nothing, my brain is not very agile and I have got a poor IQ result. I have obtained 139 points. There are some puzzles that I knew, but they are -in general- very well. And you QK, how many IQ points did you obtain??

    Do you now this riddle?? URL:
    Happy Easter, QK… (irony mode: ON).

    • QK dijo:

      Hi, Vicious!
      That’s a very good result. You should have copied the code and pasted here to prove it… 😛
      It’s a nice riddle, that of the Diario Vasco 🙂 (I’ll tell you the solution in class, so as not to spoil it for the others.)
      Season greetings to you too.

      PS: By the way, this is my result:
      points IQ test

  2. Nereea . dijo:

    No se me carga la página web ni en el ordenador ni en el móvil. No lo puedo hacer.

  3. Andrea Perez dijo:

    Hello Antton!
    My IQ is 118. I think the series are a little too difficult, however my punctuation is acceptable 😝
    I have had a nice time doing the test. They are good to develop your mind. And the most important of all is that I have understood it pretty well.

  4. Cristina Marco dijo:

    160+ Amazing, I‘m a genius! 🙂

    You should have copied the code for us to believe you… 😛

  5. Butanero76 dijo:

    Hello QK, I got a score of 139. I had seen some questions time ago but the most of them were unkown. Good test.


  6. Fakeman dijo:

    Let’s see if I did it well. I copied the URL of the pic with the score.

  7. alba garcía dijo:

    My IQ is 130. Some questions were difficult, but I think that it hasn’t turned out so bad.

  8. javier pedrejon dijo:

    I got a score of 99

  9. Celia dijo:

    IQ Test

    This test seems to me to be useful since they are mathematical games and to think that it is what gives you the level that each one has, they are not very difficult tests.

  10. Marcos Millan dijo:

    Antton no me deja copiar el enlace te lo envio por correo.

  11. Marcos Millan dijo:

    I like the excersise because I think it is enjoyable and funny


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