[BCH] Rephrasing – 3

Pop Eyes Rubber Duckie 1Well, we’ve finished with the specific subjects of this course and with your book’s lessons. So let’s go back to the rephrasing exercises. Here you’ll find a dozen of them to enjoy and practice on line:

Conditionals 1

Conditionals 2 Seguir leyendo

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[ESO] Game and review


Un pequeño juego de aventura para relajarse un poco… ¡después de haber repasado las últimas lecciones que hemos visto (de la 5 a la 8)! Seguir leyendo

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[BCH] Relative clauses

pato.lady.libertyWe use relative clauses to give additional information about something without starting another sentence. By combining sentences with a relative, your text becomes more fluent and you can avoid repeating certain words. [Review Unit 6 –2ºBCH– or Unit 7 –1ºBCH–]

How to Form Relative Clauses

Imagine, a girl is talking to Tom. You want to know who she is and ask a friend whether he knows her. You could say: Seguir leyendo

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[ESO] Future expressions

patito-goma-graduadoEn el tema 7 del libro (que habrá que repasar entero y completar los ejercicios del Workbook), contrastamos dos expresiones de futuro (will y going to) y recordamos los indefinite pronouns.

1. Decision just made 
Oh, there is a fire: I’ll call the police immediately!
2. Predictions about the future (Science, weather forecast, fortune teller…)                  
We’ll have sun and fine weather tomorrow.
3. Opinion (I think…/In my opinion,…/I’m sure…/I’m afraid…)
I’m sure you’ll pass; don’t worry!
4. Offers
I’ll help you with your homework.
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[BCH] Answers T-5


Fighting food waste around the globe Seguir leyendo

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[BCH] Text – 5


The fifth text of our Summer Plan is “Fighting food waste around the globe” and it was the option A of the “Selectividad” exam in June 2016. There’s no PDF this time, as it is a photo taken “in situ” from the original paper. Seguir leyendo

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[ESO] Perfect

In 1987, Fairground Attraction were signed to RCA, and released their first single, “Perfect“,on 28 March 1988. It was an immediate success, reaching number one in the UK, South Africa and Australia. Seguir leyendo

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